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Urine Collection Bags & Bottles
Uro-Kit Latex Leg Bag Systems
Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bags
UroSafe Disposable Vinyl Leg Bags
Urocare Urinary Drainage Bag
Urocare Urinary Draiange Bottles
Urine Collection Bag/Bottle Parts

Enuresis Treatment Systems
DRI Eclipse “Wireless” System
DRI Excel “Corded” System
Replacement Sensors

Skin Barrier Wipes
Uro-Prep Protective Barrier Wipes

Tubing Connectors & Clamps
Tubing Clamps
Catheter Connectors
Tubing Connectors
Male Urinal Systems & Kits
Male Urinal Systems with Leg Bag
Male Urinal Kits
Male Urinal Systems & Kits Parts

Straps & Bag Holders
Urocare Anti-Snoring Strap
Fabric Leg Bag Holders
Fabric Straps for Latex Bags
Straps with Buttons for Vinyl Bags
Straps with Velcro for Vinyl Bags
Uro-Strap Male External Catheter Strap
Universal Fabric Leg Straps
Foley Catheter/Tubing Straps
Latex & Latex-Free Straps

Adhesives & Removers
Uro-Bond Silicone Adhesives
Thinner for Uro-Bond Adhesives
Tracho-Foam Adhesive Discs/Wafers
Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips
Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads

Personal Hygiene
Finger Cots

Male External Catheters
Uro-Cath “Molded-Latex” Catheters
Uro-Con “Texas-Style” Catheters
Uro-Con Catheter Compnents

Tracheostomy Discs/Wafers
Tracho-Foam Discs/Wafers

Drainage & Extension Tubing
Clear-Vinyl Tubing
White-Rubber/Silicone Tubing

Urolux Urinary Appliance Cleanser
Small Parts Cleaning Brush

Adaptors & Drain Valves
Quick-Drain Valvees
Straight-Thru Adaptor with Clamp
Replacement Adaptors & Valves


Product Catalogs
Urocare 2018 Full Page Catalog (55 MB)
Product Inserts
Use & Care Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets -vs- Safety Data Sheets

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