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Urocare Male Urinal Kits

Item #4400 Shown

Our Male Urinal Systems are a light-weight, comfortable solution to incontinence management with a quick and easy application method that eliminates the need for inconvenient multiple changes, messy adhesive and adhesive removers.


Suspensory Garment
Urinal Sheath
Standard Bottom Drain Valve
Male Urinal to Latex Leg Bag Adaptor
Straight-Thru Adaptor with Thumb Clamp
Set of Illustrated Use and Care Instructions

Please refer to the chart below for specific kit contents.

Available Styles/Sizes:
Click on “Item/Ref #” for specific item details.

4404 Standard Laced Suspensory Garment, Extra-Large Garment (#4423), Sheath (#4410)
4403 Universal Velcro Suspensory Garment, Large Garment (#4422), Sheath (#4410)
4402 Universal Velcro Suspensory Garment, Small Garment (#4422), Sheath (#4409)
4401 Standard Laced Suspensory Garment, Large Garment (#4421), Sheath (#4410)
4400 Standard Laced Suspensory Garment, Medium Garment (#4420), Sheath (#4410)
4399 Standard Laced Suspensory Garment, Small Garment (#4420), Sheath (#4409)

Approximate dimensions in inches(") and centimeters(cm) including adaptors and drain valves.
Approximate volumes in fluid ounces (fl. oz.) and milliliters (ml.)

Use and care instructions may be available in multiple
languages. For a list of documents available for download
Go to Document List
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