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Uro-Bond® Brush-On Silicone Adhesives

#501003 Uro-Bond® Thinner, Large 3 fl. oz.
The use of Uro-Bond® Thinner may be deemed necessary where Uro-Bond® Brush-on Silicone Adhesives have thickened (this sometimes occurs when the bottles are opened frequently as the solvents used are highly evaporative in nature).

• Clean-Up by Soap and water.
• Completely stable product.
• Does not promote hazardous polymerization.

Suggested uses include but are not limited to use as a dilutant for Uro-Bond® Brush-on Silicone Adhesive as well as other medical adhesives, as degreasing agent or a solvent. However, Urocare® does not recommend the use of Uro-Bond® Thinner as an adhesive remover—we recommend using an alternative product for that purpose—see Urocare® Adhsive Remover Pads.

Product #501003 Shown

NOTE: Since the actual use of Uro-Bond® Thinner or products otherwise incorporating Uro-Bond® Thinner by others is beyond the control of Urocare®, it is the user's responsibility to independently determine the safety, toxicity, suitability and acceptability of the product's performance in a specific application for his/her own use.

ITEM/REF # 501003
CONTENTS 1 Bottle of thinner
1 Product insert (#PI5010)
SIZE Large
CAPACITY 3 fl. oz. (88.7 ml.)
OTHER Flammable, highly-evaporative
SOLD Each (EA)/1 bottle per box
PACKAGE SIZE 2" x 2" x 3.56" (5cm x 5cm x 9cm)
WEIGHT 0.44 lbs. (0.2 Kg)
AVAILABILITY This is typically a stocked item

Uro-Bond IV Uro-Bond III

Use with Uro-Bond® IV or Uro-Bond® III
Brush-On Silicone Adhesives

Approximate dimensions in inches(") and centimeters(cm).
Approximate volumes in fluid ounces (fl. oz.) and milliliters (ml.)

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