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Enuresis Treatment Systems

with break-through technologies from Anzacare Ltd.

Does you or your child suffer from problem bed-wetting? Nocturnal bed-wetting, during sleep, affects millions of people worldwide and is no fault of the patient. It can be treated and cured. For over 30 years, Anzacare has cured bed-wetting problems all around the world. The DRI Excel® and DRI Eclipse® enuresis alarms continue to offer you the most effective & proven bed-wetting treatment on the market. They are sold all around. Continue reading below for more information on why bed-wetting happens and how the alarms treat bed-wetting.

DRI Eclipse "Wireless" Bed-Wetting Alarm DRI Excel Bed-Wetting Alarm

The most effective method to treat bed-wetting, is to use a bed-wetting alarm.

A brief summary to save you time:

• It's not usual to consider bed-wetting a problem until after the age of 5.
• Most bed-wetting is genetic—it runs in the family.
• The typical bed-wetting pattern is: very heavy sleeping and producing too much urine at night.
• Cutting down on fluids in the evening makes no difference—it just makes for a miserable child.
• The most effective method of treating bed-wetting is to use an alarm that is triggered when wetting starts.

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Here's how the DRI Eclipse® and DRI Excel® bed-wetting alarms work:

The DRI Eclipse® wireless alarm unit is placed on a table, or the DRI Excel® alarm unit goes on the shoulder. The Urosensor™ goes in the underwear. When the Urosensor™ is wet with urine, it triggers a loud alarm to wake the bed-wetter. Over the next few days or weeks, your child begins to learn to wake more and more quickly, until he/she is beating the alarm and waking before wetting starts. The pattern now becomes waking up every time he or she needs to go to the bathroom. Then the final stage begins; your child will sleep through the night without wetting the bed or needing to wake up to go to the bathroom. This is the mature pattern, your child is capable of waking if she or he needs to go to the bathroom and even more interesting, it now appears that the overproduction of urine has stopped.

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DRI Eclipse® and DRI Excel® Bed-wetting Alarm Testimonials
But don't just take our word for it, read what parents of bed-wetters who have used the alarms have to say. As the Askins found out, when you buy a DRI Excel®, you get all the back up you need, but for no extra cost. In particular read the letters of parents who were sceptical that a bed-wetting alarm could help their child.

"He is nine years old and has always had a bed-wetting problem... we never liked giving him medicine, so we ordered the DRI Excel®. It only took a few weeks for our son to stop wetting the bed. We were afraid to say he was cured, so we waited, and now three months later he's still doing great! We never tried a bed-wetting alarm because we were skeptical of them, now we say, "we should have tried one years ago."

  The Johnsons

"I never thought it would happen we struggled so long with our sons toileting habits but after only about 1 month of using the sleep alarm he now stays dry everynight! He has not even had any little accidents. Your product works great and is so affordable. We have neighbours that spent over $1,500 for a program that does the same thing yours does—most of that was for support—and you provided that FREE. Thank you for such a great product!"

  The Askins, MI, USA

"The DRI Excel® has worked wonders. Thank you for your advice and for taking time to get in touch, it was very much appreciated."

  T Cliff - Australia

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Read The Report—A free article on bed-wetting
Read the scientific Report—All the research that can answer your questions and provide you with assurance that DRI Eclipse® and DRI Excel® alarms do work is in the report. Or email us if you're still not sure.

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4610 DRI Eclipse® “wireless” enuresis alarm
4600 DRI Excel® “corded” enuresis alarm

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