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Testimonials and Product Reviews

What Parents are Saying:

“I am writing to tell you that the DRI Excel worked wonderfully on my son. It took him only 2 weeks. We are so proud of him and more importantly, he is proud. I can not thank you and your company enough. Best of luck to you all and again, THANK YOU.”
B Cozzolino - IL, USA.

“I know you must get thousands of thank you letters from grateful parents, but I just had to let you know how grateful I am. After almost 10 years of my son wetting the bed every night I was sceptical of your product but decided it was worth a try. I'm happy to say it actually worked. My son has no clue how it worked, but I can see the joy on his face every morning. After over a month without an accident he still wakes up and says (with a smile on its face) I don't think I will ever wet the bed again. I can't tell you how happy he is and I am. I will definitely spread the word of your product to any parent I know who could use it. Thank you so much for a product that really works!”

"After nine years of wet beds, my daughter is now dry every night. She has renewed confidence and is now enjoying sleepovers and camps she missed due to this problem. Your DRI Excel worked in 4 days! I wish I had found it earlier.”
N. Waller - Bellaire, TX, USA.

“I wish to express my thanks for what has turned out to be an exceptional product...it is amazing the results that have been achieved in such a short period of time.”
M. Vermeulen - Phoenix, USA.

We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for your DRI Excel alarm. After 6 1/2 years, my daughter is finally dry at night. She has been totally dry for two months. I e-mailed you complaining that I was having difficulty and didn't know what to do. Thank you for your quick response and advice. You were very helpful and supportive. Knowing you with there was a great help. I had to remember that the coming dry wasn't going to be a process that happened overnight. My daughter was thrilled to not have to wear pull-ups anymore. She went to her first slumber party this weekend and was excited to be dry and not to feel different from other girls. Thank you and your team for the great work! I have been recommending this alarm to other people. I am not shy about sharing our experience with others.

“I just wanted to write and let you know it has worked wonders. Thank you for making such a great product. We are all very grateful.”
J. Blitch - Lilburn, GA, USA.
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“DRI Excel has worked wonders. Thank you for your advice and for taking time to get in touch, it was very much appreciated.”
T. Cliff - Australia.

I purchased the product back in July and started to use it on my seven-year-old son in August. Well, November 10, and he has not used it in almost 4 weeks. He is so proud of himself and has not had a wet bed. I was very weary about using this on him. But I'm glad I took the plunge and did it. Thank you so much for helping children like my son.

“We used DRI Excel on our second son and it worked like a miracle. Thanks heaps!!”
B. M Don - NZ.

“Congratulations on a wonderful product—a God send to bed-wetters and their families.”
C. Witheriff - Gold Coast, Australia.

“I can't tell you how ecstatic I am that this actually worked. I want other parents to know about your product.”
K. Johnson - Ft Worth, TX, USA.

I just wanted to write you a thank you note. I have three kids, ages 14, 11, and 8 years old. I ordered two DRI Excels about eight months to a year ago. My middle child and my youngest were wetting the bed in the night. We were exasperated about what to do. We have tried all kinds of drills to get our kids to stop wetting. When we received the DRI Excels we immediately had our kids using them. I am amazed to say that both of them have completely stopped wetting the bed. I can't believe it. It only took about three weeks for them to be completely free from this problem. They are both as happy as can be that they have stopped wetting the bed. They were so proud and so were we. We have tried other alarm products with very limited success and no long-term success. The design of your product was an immediate success. The small alarm attached to their shoulder was their ticket to freedom.

I just wanted to let you know that you have another satisfied customer. J.., my eight year old boy is now dry. It took about four months and now he is always dry. It has really helped his self-esteem.

We ordered to DRI Excel from you a few months ago, and our son is now cured of bed-wetting! He is nine years old and has always had a bed-wetting problem. We have tried a few things to help them but we were ultimately hoping he would grow out of it. He was growing so tired of the problem, frustrated and embarrassed, that we put on the doctor recommended medicine. We never liked giving him the medicine, so we ordered to DRI Excel. It only took a few weeks for our son to stop bed-wetting. We were afraid to say he was cured, so we waited, and now three months later is still doing great! We never tried a bit alarmed because we were sceptical of them, now we say, “we should have tried years ago”.
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What professionals say about DRI Excel

“...when I can change a child's feelings of self esteem as easily as I can with a DRI Excel, I believe I can fully endorse a product. DRI Excel helps thousands of children and saves heaps of therapy.”
Dr. Sylvia Rimm PhD - Director of Family Achievement Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

“We recommend DRI Excel with complete confidence. We get outstanding results.”
Pat Mount - Pharmacy Invanhoe, VIC, Australia.

“The unit was obviously developed with a great deal of thought and expertise—and it is great, particularly from our point of view, that we have a trouble free product to service the public and moreover the product is effective.”
Jack Rapley - Managing Director, Pharmawide Sales (Aust) Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia.

“I can recommend the DRI Excel as the treatment of choice for enuretic children over six years.”
Dr. Seppo Simila MD - Director, Pedihealth, OY, Oulu, Finland.

“I confirm we have been thoroughly happy with the DRI Excel.”
Dr. Gordon M. Leckie - The Health Centre, South Queensbury, Edinburgh, UK.

“DRI Excel gives great benefit to our patients. We are thrilled with the results.”
Carmel Burns - Rehab. Centre, Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

“I am not aware of one case in which the method was not eventually successful. It is a safe, non threatening, highly acceptable and simply very successful concept.”
Dr. J. W. Jerram MB ChB Dip Obst - Nelson, NZ.

“I have no hesitation in recommending DRI Excel to parents whose children are enuretic, with the confident expectation that it will be of assistance.”
Glen Stenhouse - Child Psychologist, Papakura, Auckland, NZ.

“I have found the refinements of the DRI Excel make it a superior device. I regard DRI Excel to be a preferable alternative to drug treatment.”
R S G Hebberd - Prices Pharmacy, Nelson, NZ.

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