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Enuresis Treatment FAQ

How do the DRI Eclipse® and DRI Excel® treat bed-wetting?
  • The DRI Eclipse® wireless alarm unit is placed on a table, or the DRI Excel® alarm unit goes on the shoulder.
  • The Urosensor™ is in the underwear and when wet with urine, triggers the alarm to wake the bed-wetter.
  • Over the next few days or weeks, the child begins to learn to wake more and more quickly, until he or she is beating the alarm and waking before wetting starts.
  • The child then consistently wakes every time he or she needs to go to the bathroom.
  • The final stage: the child will sleep through the night but without wetting the bed or needing to wake up to go to the bathroom.

This is the mature pattern, your child is capable of waking if she or he needs to go to the bathroom and even more interesting, it now appears that the overproduction of urine has stopped.

It may take a week or a month or even two, but as Professor Hjalmas of Sweden, a leading expert says, “It is the only method proven to have cured the problem.”
Frequently asked Questions:
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