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Uro-Con® “Texas-Style” Male External Catheters

#510240 Extra-Large 40mm with 2" Tube
These male external catheters are commonly referred to as a “Texas-Style” because they employ a three-piece construction technique.

Each Uro-Con® catheter has a thin, latex sheath similar to a condom—which is rolled over the head and shaft of the penis—and is attached to a 2"(5cm) white-silicone tube—where urine is drained from into a bag or other collection device—by an plastic catheter insert. Using a "Condom" type sheath makes these catheters “fully collapsable” to prevent pooled urine a major cause of skin irritation and break-down.

Item #510240 Shown

Uro-Con® catheters are packaged individually in a pouch with a window on the front allowing for quick, easy product identification and detailed, illustrated, application instructions relative to the product purchased on the back.

Each catheter may be secured using several different methods or a combination of methods depending on individual requirements for maximum comfort and security—for a variety of detailed, illustrated, application methods download our “Five Effective Methods” brochure.

This Uro-Con® male external catheter is packedged without an adhesive foam strip or protective skin barrier wipe leaving the choice of application method up to the user who can determine which method is best suited for them. Each catheter may be secured using several different or a combination of methods depending on individual requirements for maximum comfort and security. The product insert included with every box lists a variety of these methods and provides detailed, illustrated, application instuctions.

These application methods may involve one or more of the following products: One method could be to use the Uro-Strap® Male External Catheter Strap—it's an economical solution to numerous changes of tapes, adhesives and/or adhesive strips. Another method to consider is the use of a brush-on medical adhesive such as Uro-Bond® Brush-On Silicone Adhesives. Adhesive foam strips such as Urofoam® also provide an effective solution for securing male external catheters and for those with delicate or skin easility irritated by adhesives there is also Uro-Prep® Protective Skin Barrier Wipes. For more information on any of these products, just click on their respective links above.

ITEM/REF # 510240
CONTENTS 50 Male External Catheters
SIZE Extra-Large
LATEX CONTENT Contains Latex
SOLD Box (BX)/50 Sets per box
PACKAGE SIZE 9" x 6.25" x 2"
WEIGHT 1 lbs. (0.45 Kg)

510235 Diagram

FIGURE A—Brush-On Ashesive Method

6400 Diagram 2

FIGURE B—Catheter Strap Method

Approximate dimensions in millimeters(mm).

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